Make positivity your competitive advantage: For your employees, customers, and brand!

Negativity takes its toll on our mental health, our view of the world, our relationships and overall well being. This effect is multiplied in the salon industry due to high touch service provided, the volume of people seen, the earned trust of clients which allows them to share their deepest secrets, successes and sorrows. The low profit margins of a salon and the cash flow management issues experienced add up to stress. That’s a negative.

Negativity takes its toll and reversing the impact in salons that serve communities can create the velocity needed for this cultural transformation to positivity.

PositivX with CliftonStrengths has been designed to provide salons owners and independent hairdressers with a tool to develop each team member and themselves uniquely. The impact of the work is a strengths based culture that fosters and furthers positivity.

A salon experience has been and will continue being special to many. And at what costs to the the salon team? Burn out or apathy resulting from a combination of personal negativity as well as the transferred negativity of clients requires work and PositivX with Gallup’s CliftonStrengths is a proven step to moving the needle on Positivity. Hey, many say it’s actually fun!

Our belief is we are all doing our best everyday and we all deserve more. A life of abundance is ours for the taking and our day to day interactions hold the key to having it all. Making a difference with positivity begins with a growth mindset and a solid belief that hairdressers are the gatekeepers to society who make life happier. Now it’s time to give them the tools to be happier, experience abundance and keep impacting positive change – one interaction at a time. PositivX and CliftonStrengths make change stick while making it fun.

Salon professionals, time to shine brighter and secure your place as change agents for positivity in our world.

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